Letter to church 04/06/2020

April 6, 2020

Precious Church,

            I just watched the governor’s press conference in which he announced that public schools in Arkansas would remain closed for the remainder of the school year. What does that mean for us? We are going to monitor things throughout the month before we make any decisions about resuming in-person services. We will meet here on Cash Road as soon as we believe it is safe to do so.

            Until then, we are going to continue our Facebook Live webcasts, and possibly adding other ways to access our services. We have had some major glitches in webcasting the last few weeks. Please be patient with us. We have upgraded systems and are making adjustments each week. We have looked at live broadcasts over local radio, but there are major obstacles to doing so. We will continue to look for dependable options to make high quality worship experiences and small group meetings together. Please pray for these ministries and the technology used to make them available.

            Our hope is to make Easter as special as possible in the midst of a pandemic. Our mid-week study will focus on Christ’s crucifixion. We will stream a sunrise service at 7:00 AM Sunday from the prayer garden.  A special worship services is scheduled for 10:15 focusing on Christ’s resurrection. Finally, we encourage you to observe the Lord’s Supper with us at 5:30 PM.

            How are we going to observe the Lord’s Supper? We ask each family, couple, or individual to secure some unsalted crackers and a small bottle of grape juice. We’ll share the Scriptures and partake as a body as best we can. Different? Yes, but it can still be meaningful.


Last week, I read something interesting about the first Easter Sunday. The disciples had quarantined themselves from a possible hostile response from the Jewish authorities. That day two disciples were traveling from Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus. The resurrected Christ joined them, but they didn’t recognize Him. He began to teach them that the Savior was to experience the very sufferings He endured. They didn’t realize He was Jesus until He broke bread with them that night. Immediately, they returned to the other disciples in Jerusalem saying, “The Lord has really risen, …” (Luke 24:34a, NASB). Jesus made the evening unforgettable by miraculously appearing to them in that very room! I hope that during our Easter quarantine that Jesus makes His presence real to you!

Until we meet again,

Bro. Wade.