Letter to Church 05/04/2020

May 4, 2020

Precious Church,

I am pleased to inform you that we will begin in-person worship services on Sunday
morning, May 10! I am overjoyed! We will conduct identical services. The first will begin at
9:00 AM. The second will follow at 10:30 AM. We will not begin Sunday evening or
Wednesday evening activities until some time in the (hopefully near) future. In-person
small group activities will not begin for quite some time.

We will follow the following procedures in resuming in-person gatherings:
1. We ask everyone to wear a facemask, except those who are on the platform.

2. We ask you to practice social distancing. Keep at least 6 feet between you and
others who are not in your family group.

3. Seating. We ask family groups to sit together. There should be six feet between
your family group and those around you in every direction. If you attend the
service alone, please make sure the six feet rule is followed in your seating as

4. The front pews will be off limits (I know that disappoints all of you.) in order to
maintain a recommended 12 feet between the congregation and those on the

5. If you have fever, a cough, or you have been exposed to COVID-19 please do not
attend these services!

6. We ask that people above the age of 60, or who have underlying health issues, to
attend the 9:00 service. Entrance and exit for this service will be confined to the
front doors facing Cash Road. There will be no greeters, nor will bulletins be
available. These doors will be propped open to allow easy hands-free entrance.

7. We ask everyone else to attend the 10:30 service. Entrance and exit will be
through the office and nursery entrances only. There will be no greeters, nor will
there be bulletins available. These doors will be propped open to allow for
hands free entrance.

8. Hand sanitizers will be available through out the building for your convenience.
We also ask you not to shake hands or give hugs. We ask that any congregating
that occurs to take place outside of the building and away from the entrances
and exits.

9. Baskets will be placed at the sanctuary entrances to receive your tithes and

I know these guidelines seem overwhelming, but they are necessary so we can continue to
beat this pandemic in Camden and Ouachita County. Don’t let these criteria keep you from
attending church this weekend. We are ready to see you!

Some of you will not be comfortable with coming back just yet. I understand!! We will
continue to offer our services on Facebook and YouTube on Sunday morning. I will continue
providing Sunday and Wednesday evening messages on Facebook as well. Our student and
children’s ministries will also continue their social media broadcasts.

I look forward to worshiping with you soon. May God bless you!

Until We Meet Again,
Wade Totty, Sr. Pastor
Cullendale FBC